The Triple Cripples Are Going To Ghana!


The Triple Cripples baby girls are going to Accra, Ghana in November 2019!

The dynamic duo Kym Oliver & Jumoke Abdullahi are bringing their groundbreaking message to West Africa. Be ready for their usual brand of humour, (shade), hard truths and unique insights – powered by the African sun! Kym & Jumoke want to connect with those in the media, policy makers, movers & shakers, activists, charities and you! Yes, YOU! ⠀

The only way we can shift the stigma & taboo surrounding illness and disability, is by having open, frank conversations.

The Privilege of Triple Cripples in Ghana

While we are two disabled, Black women, we’re aware of the fact that we only know what it means to live at these intersections in the United Kingdom. We have no idea what the marginalisations of race, gender and ability look like in a Ghanaian setting. It’s important to state that we recognise that we are coming from a position of privilege. There is no desire to come and speak over, or presume to speak on behalf of, anyone. We aim to utilise our own platform that we have been building in the UK to UPLIFT the work and voices of those already on the ground. Ghanaians with disabilities face all types of unconscionable discrimination on a daily basis. The erasure of their stories and experiences happen all too often.

We believe that creating a better world, starts with making sure that disabled Black people are treated with respect and dignity – they must experience equity, in every aspect of their lives, at every level of society. To find out more about what we plan to do, and how you can get involved, check out our YouTube video. And rest assured, this will not be the only time that the Triple Cripples will be in Ghana, so do reach out to us about potential collaborations in the future.

Let’s make Africa a place where all Africans (disabled & non-disabled) can feel at home! ⠀

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  1. Fantastic to hear 👂 you on leyla black Womens first therapy zoom I’m valeriechristina with hidden disabilities understanding NHS clinical experiences

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